Google Classroom Help

PS 185 will be using Google Classroom for our Remote Learning.


Each student will be using their emails for Google Classroom. 

**Make sure devices are logged out of their @ps185k accounts**

**Please remember if the device is being shared with more than 1 person sign out completely from the previous account before signing on with another account.**

The Google Classroom accounts have access to the child's Pearson's account, Google Meets, and other sites your child's teacher might assign. 

Google Meets: Each class has their own specific link to their classes Google Meets meetings. Check the stream everyday to see when your class is having a meeting. The link will be in the heading, if you are using an IPad you can access the Google Meets by clicking on the camera in the top right corner of your Classroom page.

Technology Help Desk
Many issues are related to a conflict in which more than one account is open at the same time. To resolve this issue, ensure that only one person (the student) is signed in at one time. Follow these steps to ensure that all accounts have been properly closed

Step 1: Sign Out of Google Branded Apps
Open one of the Google apps (Drive, Classroom, Docs, etc.)
Open the Settings menu and look for the account/sign-in section
Click Manage accounts on this device
For any accounts listed, click Remove from this device

Step 2: Sign Out of Safari
Google account credentials are stored separately for Safari and apps that use Safari to authenticate , such as Flipgrid. The steps below remove the Google credentials from Safari and, in turn, for non-Google apps that use "Log in With Google."

Method 1: Through the Browser
In Safari, go to
Click Remove an account
Click the X beside the account name
Click Yes, remove
Repeat steps 2-4 for each account

Method 2: Through the Settings
Open the iOS Settings app
In the left menu, scroll down and click on Safari
Navigate to Advanced > Website data
Click Edit and delete the data for and any other relevant sites

Below are some links to with guides to using Google Classroom.

For any tech support please join our Remind App Group class

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