IDEA Committee

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity for All Committee (IDEA Committee). The IDEA committee will work with our school community to ensure that diversity, in its many forms, is understood, respected and valued. Our goal is to support meaningful inclusion of teachers, parents, and students from all backgrounds to foster understanding and promote outreach to advance tolerance, and acceptance of differences in ethnicity, culture, religion, identity, and abilities. The committee will seek to develop new events and initiatives while also supporting existing PTA activities to promote inclusion and understanding of all members of our vibrant community.

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The Inclusion, Diversity and Equity for All (IDEA) Committee is pleased to share with you our first monthly newsletter.

In it, you'll find all sorts of resources for parents related to Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, which runs from Sept 15-Oct 15 every year. On the last page of the newsletter, you'll find a link to our Virtual Classroom for children with age appropriate videos and book recommendations. If you would like to support next month's newsletter and virtual classroom on Indigenous Peoples and Italian-American Heritage please email